Who Invented the Broom

The history of brooms doesn’t have any evidence to credit the invention to a particular person. Brooms have been used in varied materials and forms since man lived in caves. Initially it was animal fur that was tied up to clean up the cooking place and big castles. There are many stories that are associated with the first broom which is believed to be created somewhere around the eighteenth century. The first broom is said to be made in 1797 by a farmer with sorghum. He presented it to his wife who found to be of great help for domestic cleaning. Soon there was demand for the broom in many households and it also triggered the cultivation of sorghum.

After animal fur and sorghum, many leaves and bushes too were tied up and used as brooms in different countries. Brooms in varied forms have been mentioned in many tales and fables specially those relating to witch craft. There have been stories since long about witches flying on brooms or similar objects. In recent times, books like the Harry Potter series have flying brooms used in the narration of the story. Since there are hardly any official records, the first use of brooms can only be guessed upon.

Broom Who Invented the Broom

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