Who Invented Boxing

The history of boxing was first associated with the Egyptians where carvings of fist fighting’s between two people were found of 3rd and 2nd Millenium BC. There was great contribution from the Greeks as well in the field of boxing. There are written evidences about fights between two men. Legends also say that ruler Thesius of the 9th century BC used to organize a form of fighting with hands between two people and the result was declared with the death of one person.

Romans too have a huge history of boxing in their record. Mainly there were two types of boxing- the athletic and gladiatorial. Initially only low class people and criminals used to fight but with growing popularity of the game even rulers and aristocrats too started playing the game. The rules of boxing saw many modifications starting for no rules. Now there are standards that are generally followed for every professional match.

Boxing Who Invented Boxing

Modern boxing presently has two forms known as the amateur boxing and professional boxing. Olympics and commonwealth games follow the rules of amateur boxing. The man difference between amateur boxing and professional boxing is the time and rounds which is much higher in professional bouts.

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