Who Invented Air Conditioning

The basic concept of air conditioning had been incorporated in Ancient Rome. It refers to removal of heat component from the indoor air for thermal comfort. It may also be referred to as a form of cooling that modifies the condition of hot air. People of ancient Rome used to circulate water through the wall of the houses to cool them. Same kind of techniques has been used by Persians. They used wind towers and cisterns to cool the houses during the hot season.

Modern air conditioning system was developed in the 19th century. It is a device or an appliance that stabilizes the humidity and temperature and uses a refrigeration cycle for cooling the atmosphere. Willis Haviland Carrier availed the credit of inventing the first large scale electrical air conditioning system in the year 1902. The system introduces by him was used widely in Asian and Middle Eastern nations. It was more common and popular among the capital cities and urban regions where people lived in small apartments or flats. They considered the air conditioning system as a necessity and not a luxury, which made it very popular.

Air Conditioning Who Invented Air Conditioning

Japanese made the compact system of air conditioning for domestic purpose in two type namely window systems and split types. Split type air conditioning system is more effective and expensive when compared with the other type.

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