Who Invented the Blender

The invention of a small electric motor referred to as fractional horse power motor made a revolution in the appliance industry. This invention assisted towards other possible inventions of power oriented appliances. Blender, one among the power oriented appliance was invented by Stephen Poplawski in the year 1921. Later in the year 1935, Fred Osius improved the basic idea of blender and invented Waring blender.

In simple terms blender is a small electrical device with tall container and blades to chop, grind and puree beverages and food. The inventor was the first person to design and add a spinning blade at the bottom of the container of the blender. Initially it was designed to make soda foundation drinks.

Who Invented the Blender Who Invented the Blender

Milestones of Blender

  • 1922 – Stephen Poplawski, the proprietor of The Stevens Electric Company invented the blender
  • 1922 – The blenders are marketed to store soda fountain for preparing Horlick’s malted milk shakes
  • 1923 – The company produced the first liquefier blender.
  • 1932 – The inventor received the patent rights for the electrical appliance that extracts the juice in fruits and vegetables and liquidates them.
  • 1937 – Advanced model of blender was introduced by Frederick Osius in the name of Miracle mixer.
  • 1938 – The miracle was renamed as Waring blender after his financial supporter Fred Waring

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