Who Invented Blu Ray

Blue ray technology is used producing Blu ray discs which have an outstanding data storage capacity of 25GBs and uses blue laser to read the disc. A Blu ray DVD beats a normal DVD in reading capability by six times. The concept was conceived and first invented by the company Sony. It was released limitedly in Japan in year 2003. The Blu ray technology was strongly competed in the market by HD technology. This is due to the high pricing of the Blu ray technology.

In 2003 when blue ray DVD was first introduced in the market, there were no movies that were released in the same format. However after major wars between HD and Blu ray technology, Blu ray had carved a good market share for itself. Warner Bros, the major distributor and producer, decided to release the movies under the banner only in Blu ray with effect from May 2008. The effectiveness of Blu ray discs and the use of the technology have triggered many production houses to release movie DVDs in this technology. Around 3300 titles have been released only in Japan itself where as Australia has about 1500 titles in Blu ray discs.

Blu Ray Who Invented Blu Ray

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