Who Invented the Balance Beam

Laurie Gallus Gary Gallus invented the balance beam. The balance beam is an artistic apparatus in gymnasium and also used for performing many gymnastic events. The event as well the apparatus are referred to as a simple term called beam. BB is the English abbreviation of this event.

The balance beam is a long and narrow beam that is raised from the floor area on one leg. This event is performed only be female gymnasts. The components used to create balance beam are manufactured and marketed by several companies. It is used in gymnastics competitions held at international level and must comply with all guidelines and specifications insisted by the International Gymnastics Federation academy.

Balance Beam Who Invented the Balance Beam

Originally surface of the beam was polished and only plain wood was used. But a few years ago, the beams were made of a material that resembled a basket ball. But these types of balance beams were banned soon as they were too slippery. In the beginning of 1980s’, the balance beams were covered with suede and leather. In addition, spring is accommodated to balance the high difficulty tumbling and dancing.

At the initial stage of learning new skills of balance beam, a gymnast works on a low beam set at a shorter distance from ground. The learners may also work on mini beams, practice beams and lines on mat.

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