Who Invented Bluetooth

Bluetooth was first invented by the company Ericssion in the year 1994. It is now a common feature for many electronic gadgets like laptops, desktops, palmtops, cell phones, i-pods etc. Bluetooth is an electronic wireless technology that enables secured transmission of data without any interference. The technology on which it was initially based was frequency hopping spread-spectrum which helps in easy transmission of radio waves. After Ericssion came up with the basic of the technology, other major telecommunication groups like Motorola, Nokia, Intel and IBM came forward and formed Bluetooth Special Interest Group which has been working on developing Bluetooth technology for better services.

There are several versions of Bluetooth and the first Bluetooth in the market for use was introduced in the year 1999 known as Bluetooth1.0. With major developments in last few years, Bluetooth services have gone major changes. There are no more failures in data transmission and pairing of devices and the speed of data transfer is much higher. Due to the cost of development and research, initially only high priced gadgets used Bluetooth technology. But most companies have Bluetooth as a common feature in the majority of the phones and laptops. It makes data transfer and sharing faster and much more convenient.

Bluetooth Who Invented Bluetooth

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