Who Discovered America

The discovery of America remains controversial. The story has so many versions. And each one claims to be true. Long before Columbus landed in America, there had been much earlier expeditions to the continent.

Ancient Asian’s discovery of America

Modern scientists have noted, for example, that human settlement in America started as far back as 16, 000 BCE.  They have evidence to prove that Asian hunters crossed the Bering Straight on land bridges into Alaska. It occurred during the last Ice Age, when ocean levels dropped to around 300 feet. These ancient Asians journeyed throughout North and South America where they set up communities. They are believed to be the ancestors of North and South American Indians.

America map Who Discovered America

The Indian epic Mahabharata and ancient history book Puranas describe America as a land rich with silver and gold. Ancient Hindu history experts claim Argentina is derived from the name Arjuna (meaning full of silver). Arjuna is a Hindu epic character. The histories in Puranas are more like myths to many people today. But myths contain a grain of truth.  Alexander von Humbolt, a German scholar, studied the Puranas. He came across revealing details about America’s long lost history. The Aztecs, Mayans, and Indians were strongly influenced by ancient Eastern cultures, particularly Indian.  The Aztec calendar matches with the ancient Hindu Aztec Chakra.

St. Brendan’s discovery of America

The Irish and Scots have their own version of the story. To the Irish, St Brendan, a monk who lived between 484 to 578 AD, discovered America. St Brendan set up monasteries in Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and England. When he was nearing his eighties, he sailed across the Atlantic Ocean to look for the Promise Land. It is said his voyage lasted for seven years. He then reached the shores of North America.

A similar journey was made by Timothy Severin in 1977, just to prove whether St Brendan’s story was possible or not.  Severin used ancient Celtic tools when he sailed off from Dingle, Ireland to Newfoundland, Canada. He got there in pretty much the same manner as St. Brendan did.

Columbus’s discovery of America

Columbus discovered America on October 12, 1492. It is said he looked out from the bow of his ship one morning and saw land. He and his crew had been sailing for 10 weeks from Spain.  Columbus was out looking for the Spice Islands. So when he saw land he thought he had reached the coast of the East Indies. He did not know he was in the Bahamas. But he saw human settlements on the islands.

Christopher Columbus Who Discovered America

America was unknown to Europe at the time. And Columbus may not even be the first European to arrive in North America. The Vikings had been coming to North America for some time. Leif Ericsson, son of Eric the Red, reached North America and Canada around 1001 AD.

More new discoveries

Up to this day a number of claims hang in the air. The Portuguese, Welsh, and Chinese are joining in the fray. It looks like there is a new discovery every year. A new book by Valeri Watt, an ancient history expert, says that America may have been settled more than 40, 000 years ago.

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