Who Invented Cheeseburgers

Lionel Stemberger first invented cheeseburgers in 1924 while he worked at his father’s sandwich shop in California. It is said the Lionel was 16 the time he was preparing a hamburger and decided to flip a slice of cheese to enhance its taste. There is no clear picture of the kind of cheese he used then, however many sources indicate that it was an American produce.

There are some more claims on the invention of the cheeseburger. The Kaleins restaurant at Louisville Kentucky state that they were the first to prepare a cheeseburger in the year 1934.Louis Ballast of a drive-in known as Humpty Dumpty in Denver also lays claims on the first cheese burger. Despite these claims most historians believe that it was Lionel Stemberger who should be credited for this invention.

Cheeseburgers Who Invented Cheeseburgers

Typically the cheeseburger consists of a bun, cheese and a hamburger pattie .The calorie intake on consumption of one burger can vary from up to six hundred to one thousand calories. Cheeseburgers often vary in ingredients and way of preparation form place to place. For example, a Hawaiian cheeses burger would be served with teriyaki sauce and a piece of pineapple as topping whereas the classic Californian cheeseburger would come with onions, lettuce and tomatoes.

Various other toppings such as French fries, scrambled eggs, salsa peepers, potato chips, onion rings, tartar sauce etc can be added to the cheeseburger to suit one’s taste.

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