Who Invented Colour Television

The world’s first working television was invented by a Scottish engineer called John Logie Baird in England, in the year 1923. The credit of inventing a colour television has been awarded to the same inventor. By adding few improvements, he created the first colour television in the year 1939. The first system used a disc fixed with colour filters, which is shown through a cathode ray tube. He applied for the patent right in the year 1941 by demonstrating the first three-dimensional colour television. The world’s first colour television with electronic display was introduced in the year 1944.

Many people wrongly assume that the colour television has been invented by Germans or Americans, as they have broadcasted the first colour advertisement. In technical terms, colour television is a technology used for transmission of moving images in colour.

Old Color TV Who Invented Colour Television

Even though the invention was so popular, due to their high price and lack of supply of broadcast material, marketing of the product slowed down. The colour televisions finally started selling in large numbers starting from the early of 1970s. Once the broadcasting issues were cleared, colour sets were sold at a rapid pace in Europe as well as North America.

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