Who Invented the Atomic Bomb

The Atomic Bomb was first produced under the ‘Manhattan Project’ during the Second World War. The efforts of Nazi Germany towards purifying Uranium 235 to build an atomic bomb threatened the United States compelling them to undertake the Manhattan Project for building the nuclear weapon.

A brilliant named physicist Robert Oppenheimer was the one who headed the Manhattan Project for its entire span of six years and oversaw each stage from conception to conclusion. He was among one of the chief scientists responsible for unleashing the atomic power.

Atomic Bomb Who Invented the Atomic Bomb

The atomic bomb initiates a nuclear chain reaction releasing a tremendous amount of energy. The biggest challenge of building the atomic bomb during the Second World War was to obtain enriched Uranium suitable to withstand a nuclear reaction. A huge laboratory was set up in Oak Ridge Tennessee for this purpose.

The first demo of the atomic bomb was conducted at a site called Trinity in New Mexico. The demonstration was a success and established the fact that the nuclear chain reaction would detonate the weapon as expected. The second and the third explosions were carried out in Japan putting an end to the Second World War.

More than $2 billion were spent during the Manhattan project for the creation of the atomic bomb. Some of the greatest minds of our times created this heinous weapon which claimed millions of lives. The invention of the atomic bomb was instrumental in bringing humankind to the brink of destruction.

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