Who Invented the Alarm Clock

An alarm clock is a typical clock that is designed to make a loud sound at a specific time. The principal usage of alarm clock is to awaken people from their sleep. For many people it doubles up as a reminder as well, reminding them to switch off the stove or take their medicines etc.

The first alarm clock was invented by Levin Hutchins from New Hampshire in the year 1787. But the clock rang only once at 4 am. He developed the clock for his personal use, so that he would not sleep past his usual time of waking up and neither patented the invention nor manufactured it.

Who Invented the Alarm Clock Who Invented the Alarm Clock

Antoine Redier received the patent rights for invention of first modern adjustable alarm clock. The clock was invented in the year 1847 and was a mechanical alarm clock. Following his invention, electrical alarm clock was introduced by the end of 18th century.

Different types of alarm clocks are available in the market. Most of the alarm clocks are designed with automatic stop for the alarm sound and some traditional clocks require a button or handle to be pressed to stop the alarm sound.

Different types of sounds are designed with digital alarm clocks. A simple typical alarm clock makes a long loud beeping or buzzing sound, whereas novelty alarm clocks produce different types of sounds like laughing, speaking, singing, playing natural sounds, etc.,

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