Who Invented Bowling

There is always a debate as who and when invented bowling. Many historians have different approaches and thesis to show the origin of this extremely popular modern game. A study states that it was in the Stone Age where the game originally got its origin. Many archeologists have associated the game with the Egyptians.

A British anthropologist, Flinders Petrie, in his study found some extremely interesting facts on the grave of a child. However many deny to believe the fact. Another country where the game is believed to have a possible origin is Germany. It has been argued that priests in Germany used a form of the game in many religious ceremonies. An association with the Germans has been discussed in many contexts.

Bowling Who Invented Bowling

England too is argued by many as the originator of bowling. The western countries have immensely contributed in the development of the game. There have been vast changes on the rules and equipments of Bowling. Many don’t know that bowling acts as an excellent exercise and is great for muscles. It is now a part of many health and sports club in many countries. Te popularity of the game is increased much more in the last two centuries.

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