Who Discovered Iron

There is evidence that we have been using iron for the last 5000 years. Iron is found anywhere in the planet. It is also the cheapest metal. Iron comes from minerals called hematite and magnetite. Iron can also be found in other minerals such as taconite, siderite, and limonite.

Where did iron come from

It is widely believed iron came into the Earth along  with meteors. The meteor-borne iron contained about 8% nickel. Evidence of man-made iron was traced as far back as 2500 BC. Bur iron-making did not become widespread until 1200 BC.  In the old days iron was used mainly for making trinkets and beads. In order to do that, ancient people had to forge iron at temperatures above 1100 C.

The earth’s surface is made up of about 5.6% of iron. Strange but true: Earth’s core is the richest source of iron.

Iron Who Discovered Iron



Early uses of iron

Hematite, an oxide of iron, was widely used by ancient cultures for beads and ornaments. They did that by reducing carbon. However, if reduced at temperatures below 700-800 C, iron is not suitable for forging and must be produced at temperatures above 1100 C. Wrought iron was the first form of iron known to man. It is hard to believe that hundreds of years ago iron was far more expensive than gold.

The use of iron led to the invention of weapons and farming tools. Iron plays a major role in architecture. The oldest standing iron pillar is found in India. The pillar dates back to 400 AD. It is surprisingly almost rust-free. Iron is not found in its pure state. But in Greenland iron is found as lumps in basalt.

Today we know seven kinds of metal: iron, mercury, gold, lead, copper, and tin. Bronze and electrum are considered alloys, or half metals.

Other uses of iron

Iron is made into steel. Steel contains about 0.3 %-1.5% carbon. Other elements combined with iron become useful. When iron is combined with, it does get rusty easily. When iron is combined with nickel, it does not give out to heat and acid.  Iron is also used to make buildings, furniture, bridges, computer parts, paper clips and many others.

Iron Symbol Who Discovered Iron

Cast iron is used to make kitchen utensils such as cooking pans, ovens, trays, and other ware.  To make steel, iron must combine with an alloy and carbon. Steel usually contains between and 0.3 % to 1.5% carbon.

It is widely known that iron helps keep animals and plant alive. Iron has a role when plants make chlorophyll. Iron is present in hemoglobin. Iron sulfate is used to treat anemia.

Iron and human health

There are two kinds of iron found in our food: heme iron and non-heme iron. Heme iron comes from fish, red meat, and eggs. The richest source of iron is the liver.  Heme iron is better absorbed by the body than non-heme iron. Non-heme iron is found mainly in cereals, raisins, and deep green vegetables.

Iron is vital to the muscles. A lack of iron results in weakness of the body and mind.  Our  body stores 10 % of all iron taken from foods.

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