Who Invented Candy

Candy is a confectionary that is generally made out of sugar. The earliest candy was first made by the Egyptians with honey. Due to sweetness and jelly flow of honey, it was combined with nuts to make candies. There are also evidences in Chinese history for certain type of candies with the use of honey. Maple syrup was also used for creating sweet confectionery. Since sugar was very costly before the 1700s, candies were very expensive and only the aristocrats’ people could afford it.

Later after the prices of sugar fell in early 1800s, candy production and innovation took a leap. The fist chocolate box came out in1854 by Whiteman and later in 1880 candy corn came into the market. The first milk-chocolate that came in the year 1900 was made by Milton S. Hershey. The Goo Goo clusters came in 1933, the first chocolate to combine caramel with peanuts. Much later in 1923 the first candy bar named as the Milky Way candy bars were introduced in the market. As the popularity of candies increased, varied flavors of candy kept on hitting the market. Chewing gums was first made 1893 and saw many transitions in tastes along with candies.

Who Invented Candy Who Invented Candy

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