Who Invented the Ball and Jack Game

Ball and jack game originated 2000 years ago. It has been referred to as different names in different regions. It was called as the jack game in the ancient period by Egyptians and Romanians. It was also referred to as jack stones, jack rocks, five stones, knuckle bones, snobs, etc. Children used pebbles, small stones or bones of small animals to play the game.

Older version of games used five stones made of clay, wood, animal bones, ivory, plastic, etc., Later the stones started being replaced by balls and then by pointed metal pieces. The pointed metal pieces are made with smaller bones of animals. The stones or other materials used in the game are referred to as jacks. The game is generally played by two people.

Ball and Jack Game Who Invented the Ball and Jack Game

The player needed to toss the jacks in the air and catch it on the back of his hand. He then needs to toss the same jack on the back of the hand and finally catch as many jacks as possible in his or her palm. Each player then puts down all but one jack, tosses this jack high in the air while he tries to pick up all the remaining jacks lying on the ground before he is needed to catch the jack he tossed in the same hand. These stones or balls were tossed in the air in a way similar to the latest version of the game.

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