Who Invented Coffee

Coffee originated from the north east region of Ethiopia during 15th century. Coffee is prepared by grinding the roasted seeds called coffee beans. Coffee plants were cultivated in Latin America, Africa and South East Asia. Green unroasted coffee was recognized as the world’s most traded agricultural commodity. Coffee always has a simulating effect on people due to its caffeine content.

Many societies in the history have been influenced by the usage of coffee. Cultivation of coffee plants was first developed and expanded by the Arabs, who made consumption of coffee a regular habit by the end of 15th century. From the Arabs, usage and cultivation of coffee spread to Italy and the rest of the European countries.

Coffee Who Invented Coffee

Coffea Arabica and the Robusta are the two most commonly grown coffee berries. Coffee berries are picked from the plants, dried and then roasted to various degrees, which determines the flavour. The seeds or coffee beans are then ground to a powder and brewed to create coffee. Coffee can be prepared in many different ways. It can be made in to a hot or cold beverage with many additional flavours.

Instant coffee was invented in the year 1907 and it gained significant popularity in many countries during the post war period. The modern espresso machine we know was invented in 1946 by an Italian by the name of Achilles Gaggia. Another important milestone for coffee drinkers was the invention of the first coffee filter by a German housewife, Melitta Bentz.

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