Who Invented Corn Flakes

William Keith Kellogg invented the most popular breakfast cereal known as cornflakes. Kellogg is the family name of the inventor, which is still used as the brand name of his invention. William was working as an assistant to his brother, focussing on the nutritional disorders. In the year 1894, he identified a process of making flakes from maize.

The brothers introduced many food products made from grains and cereals as a substitute for regular food products like coffee, meat, etc. One day they identified the rolled wheat in long sheets became stale and did not come out in long sheets in form of dough. Instead, they were removed in the form of a flattened and thin flake. The flakes were then baked and they were delighted with the new invention.

Corn Flakes Who Invented Corn Flakes

During the year 1906, William and his brother created a company to manufacture and market his invention as healthy option of breakfast. Corn flakes was manufactured by his company and transformed into Kellogg’s in the year 1922.

Corn flakes were marketed in the year 1909. The company offered an attractive package for the purchase of two packages and it was the funny jungle land moving pictures booklet. The booklets were offered to the public for more than twenty three years.

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