Who Invented the Clothes Dryer

A cloth dryer may also be referred to as a tumble dryer. It is a house hold appliance that is used to remove the moisture content from the clothes after they are cleaned. It was also called a tumble dryer because the ancient dryer consists of a rotating drum called tumbler. The tumbler passes the hot air for circulation and evaporation of the moisture from the clothes loaded.

In the 18th century, clothes dryers were introduced in England and France. Pochon, a French man developed the first and earliest clothes dryer called ventilator. It was a barrel shaped metal drum designed with holes. But the invention was a failure because the clothes lost their quality and softness while drying. And sometime, the colours also faded. For the above reasons and other environmental concerns, the earlier method of clothes drying were dropped.

Clothes Dryer Who Invented the Clothes Dryer

Patent rights for invention of Clothes dryer was granted to George T. Sampson for his invention in the year 1892. His dryer used the heat from a stove towards drying the clothes and it is similar to ventilator type of machine.

Following the invention of Sampson, electrical clothes dryers were introduced in the year 1915. Clothes are dried with the electronic sensors that produced the heat energy.

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