Who Invented Copy and Paste

During the interaction of human and computer, copy and paste is considered as user interface program for transferring the data, files, text, etc., from source to destination. Computer mouse is closely connected with performing the paradigm by drag and drop.

Copy and paste differs from cut and paste, in which the original source of the text or object gets deleted or removed from the source. Instead, the data or text is moved to the destination without being deleted from the source.

Copy Paste Who Invented Copy and Paste

It is difficult to trace the inventor of the copy and paste function. The function can be performed either by using key board or by using the computer mouse.

By using the key combinations – CRTL + C Shortcut key combination of copy function, the source object or file can be copied and CTRL + V – shortcut key board combination of paste function, the object or file copied can be pasted in the destination.

By using the mouse i.e. graphical user interface system or by selection of the copy and paste function from menu bar or a tool bar, the function can be performed. Several terminal emulators and other applications support the alternate key combinations of CTRL + Insert for copy and Shift + Insert to paste.

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