Who Invented the Camera

The history of camera dates back to the Greeks when a popular mathematician, Anthemius used an obscura camera in his experiments. The obscura camera was a complex and initial stage of development of camera. It was not possible to carry such cameras everywhere before another mathematician Johannes Kepler added a lens to it. There were other mathematicians who tried to make the obscura camera portable. The first important development was in the year 1685 when Johann Zahn invented a portable obscura camera.

The images could not be stored before 1826 when Joseph Nicéphore Niépce made the first permanent photograph. He used the discovery of Johann Heinrich Schultz in 1724 that chalk and silver mixture darkens on exposure to light. There were also many important events in the developing of an image from 1840s to 1890s. The most important development was in the year 1861 when James Clerk Maxwell and Thomas Sutton worked together to make the first color photograph in history. In the early 1920’s the first video camera tube was invented. Soon after, still cameras were invented and were much more compact. Now digital cameras have changed the face of camera functions completely with a wide range of features that have reformed photography.

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