Who Invented the Cassette Player

The invention of cassette player first originated when magnetic storage for audio was introduced by Oberlin Smith in the year 1888. Ten years later, Vlademar Poulsen brought some practicality to this concept. The first magnetic tape came into the market in 1928 and was invented by Fritz Pfleumer. The first consumer usable cassette player came into the market in the year 1963. Audio company Philipps introduced it in Europe and later in United State as the compact Cassette.

Later on Sony came up with its Walkman series and made cassette players hugely popular among the masses and the classes. While initially cassettes were used for personal recording, Mercury Record Company came with 50 titles and thus magnified the use of cassettes. Many companies later joined the market and competition increased the features of cassette players. There were major inventions and innovations that made cassette players extremely user-friendly and compact. Every audio recording, movies and albums started being available in cassettes. Even today many companies still use cassettes to bring new albums in the market. In recent years, the cassette industry has faced tough competitions from CD players. While CD players are much more compact and are excellent for mass storage, cassette players have a certain nostalgia attached to them.

Cassette Player Who Invented the Cassette Player

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