Who Invented Cookies

The name cookie has been derived from the Dutch world ‘Koekje’ which means little or small cake. Cookies have said to be originated in Persia during 7th century after the usage of sugar became common in the region. Persians were the first people to cultivate sugar. Persians spread the usage of cookies to European countries through Spain. Ruth Wakefield has received the credit for invention of original cookie.

Historic records of cookies revealed that cookies were introduced as test cakes. Cookies were also referred to as Cookie styled cakes and biscuits. The word biscuit has been derived from ‘bis coctum’ which means double baked.

Cookies Who Invented Cookies

Cookies have said to be introduced in United States in the early 17th Century. The common cookies which were made with cream, butter and sugar were not introduced until 18th century.

Popular and delicious cookies have travelled throughout the world and were recognized well in all continents. First hard cookie was made with nuts, water and sweeteners. Cookies were described as thin and sweet cakes in America. Each country has its own name for referring to the cookie. Cookies are referred to as Biscuits in Australia and England, Galletas in Spain, Keks in Germany, Platzchen during Christmas festival, etc., In Italy, various forms of cookies are called using several names like biscotti, amaretti, etc.,

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