Who Invented Biometrics

Joao De Barros a European explorer first invented the finger printing technology in 14th century. A policeman from Paris used the system to study and identify the criminals.

The term biometrics has been derived from Greek words bios – means life, and metron – means measures. It is the study of development of automatic methods for identification and validation of unique physical and behavioural traits of individuals. The term is also used to refer to self assessment through automated methods.

Biometrics Who Invented Biometrics

The term biometrics is also used as a noun to refer to the characteristics of particular measurement and as an adjective to explain the products, technologies and measurements in this field. For instance, assessment and identification of unique physical characters like eye retinas, facial patterns, finger prints, DNA sequences, hand measurements, etc. Sometimes voice is also included in the behavioural pattern and characteristics.

However, biometric systems have several technical limitations and associated with certain error ratings. Since the system is used for observing the behavioural pattern, it should not interrupt the privacy and freedom of an individual. Misusing the technology may lead to opposite side effects. Similarly, the information derived from the examination should be safeguarded in a proper way otherwise criminal minds may aggravate the problem of identity theft and steal valuable information.

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