Who Invented the Apple Computer

The first apple computer known as the Apple I was invented by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in the year 1976. The initial models were hand built by Wozniak and displayed for the first time at the Homebrew Computer Club. Woznaik was the engineering wizard and Jobs the visionary of this invention. They incorporated their company Apple Computers Inc., a few months after the launch of Apple I in the year 1977. A subsequent model with a five and a half floppy drive and colour graphics called the Apple II was launched in the same year. Apple computers ceased to manufacture Apple I after the release of the second model as it proved to be more successful.

The Apple I consisted of a motherboard, memory and CPU and was much less than what is considered today a fill fledged personal computer .It featured an 8k RAM and video interface. What made the computer a path breaking invention was that it was a single circuit board operating system .It was initially designed as a personal computer kit for hobbyists to buy and assemble. However, a computer dealer in California known as the Byte shop, offered to buy 100 machines if they were assembled beforehand. The first year of its launch marked the sale of 200 pre-assembled Apple I models at $666.66 each.

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The Apple computers gained popularity quickly and became an integral part of business offices and schools where computers were taught. Steve Job passed away at the age of 56 on October 05, 2011.

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