Who Invented the Cardigan

Cardigan is a popular winter wear that is open from the front. It can be closed in the front either with buttons or zips or even tied up with small threads in the front. Cardigans are worn in many countries by both men and women in different styles and patterns.

This winter wear got its name from James Thomas Brudenell who was the 7th Earl of Cardigan. He made his troops wear large knitted jackets which were later known as cardigans. James was largely known in history for his active participation in the Crimean war and Battle or Baraclava. He was known for his exploiting and arrogant nature. He lived an aristocrat’s life before and after his retirement.

Who Invented the Cardigan Who Invented the Cardigan

Cardigan has been used in some form or the other for many decades. It is easy to wear and can be excellently styled up for semi-formal and casual looks. While pullovers are best options in casuals, many often use cardigans in formal wears. There are many designers and fashion houses that have done wonderful work with cardigans. While heavy woolen cardigans were primary choices for many years, presently many thin fine fabrics in many sporty and classic colors are popular choices.

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