Who Invented the Colt Revolver

Colt revolver was the first multi shot weapon that became the symbol of American Frontier. Colt revolver was invented by an American Industrialist called Samuel Colt. His innovative contribution to the weapon industry has been described in the army history as ‘events that shaped the destiny of American Firearms’. The inventor was the founder of the Colt’s Manufacturing Company and he got the patent rights for the invention of colt revolver in the year 1836. The basic design of colt revolver has been equipped with a revolving cylinder that contains bullets and cocking device. The revolver works on the basis of cap and ball technology that was developed based on the technology of revolving cylinder invented by Smith and Wesson.

Before the introduction of the colt revolver, single and double barrel pistols were introduced but it was a total failure.

Revolver Who Invented the Colt Revolver

The colt revolvers were invented at the right place and at the right time. It was invented during the expansion of America which required defence. The revolver was a simple invention as well as a powerful weapon. The revolver was then improved with a lighter weapon called walker, which was more reliable. With the success of the invention, the inventor developed a new manufacturing company in Hartford, Connecticut.

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