Who Invented the Clock

The word clock has its origin form the French word ’cloche’ which means bell. But an interesting fact is hidden in the origin from which the word clock would have been derived, when compared with the meaning of the word bell. Glocio the Latin word, Clugga the Saxon and Glocke the German word have the same meaning ‘bell’.

Clock is the most prominent amongst the oldest inventions of human. Different types of clocks were invented by different people. History of the clock reveals the usage of sun and water as an instrument of time keeping even 5000 years ago.

Clock Who Invented the Clock

In the year 1577, first minute hand was invented by Jost Burgi. Later, Christian Huygens made an accurate clock in the form of a pendulum in the year 1656. The first mechanical clock was invented in the year 1787 by Levi Hutchins, New Hampshire.

However, the proper clock was invented by an Afro-American called Benjamin Banneker. He invented the clock in the year 1750, when he was 21 years old. Sir Sanford Fleming was greatly recognized towards inventing the standard time in the year 1878.

First quartz clock was invented by Smithsonian in 1927. The clock was developed based on vibrations of quartz crystals that work through an electrical circuit. It was highly accurate when compared to other types of clocks.

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