Who Invented Caramel

Caramel is a confection that is made out of sugars. Caramels differ in their color and appearance depending on the type of sugar used to produce them. Caramels have been used for a very long time, however, the origin of caramel is still a mystery. It has been used in candies, puddings, desserts, ice-creams and variety of sweet dishes. While candies are believed to be first produced out of honey somewhere in Egypt, caramel use came in much later.

Due to high price of sugar in the eighteenth and nineteenth century, caramel belonged to the aristocrats. Later after the prices of sugar fell, caramel production increased making it one of the most sought after flavoring. Caramel is usually made by heating sugar at a temperature around 170 degree Centigrade. The texture and color of sugar changes at a certain point forming the delicious caramel. With many developments in candy and caramel industry, caramel is used large by confectionary companies.

Who Invented Caramel Who Invented Caramel

There are a variety of caramel chocolates and desserts that have been combined with other essences to produce some mouth watering dishes. There are many nuts, fruits and other eatables that are coated with caramel and used as gifts in many festivities. Caramel can be either made at home with controlled temperature or can be easily bought from the market.

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