Who Invented Cheese

It is difficult to say when and how cheese was invented as its origins precede recorded history. Cheese has been around for a long time which makes it impossible to determine who had invented it and when. However, it’s a general belief that cheese was first produced by the people of Middle East around 6000 B.C. Cheese is said to have been discovered when milk was stored in skin bags made of animal fat for long journeys. The heat and motion combined with the enzymes of the skin caused the milk to break up. This reaction resulted in the formation of edible cheese.

The Romans have made huge contributions in the art of making cheese. They researched on how flavors of cheese vary with the change in surroundings and the ingredients used, and developed a variety of cheese accordingly. The Romans perfected the art of cheese making to the hilt, so much so that many prominent ancient writers such as Homer and Aristotle have admired their skill.

Cheese Who Invented Cheese

Gradually, cheese spread from Rome to other parts of the world. Many roman soldiers settled in captured lands and popularized cheese making among the natives. Eventually other European countries also developed different ways of cheese making and that is how we have a plethora of various kinds of cheese today.

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