Who Invented the Christmas Tree

No Christmas can be complete without a Christmas tree. A Christmas tree can be large or small, decorated or simple, pain or colourful, natural or artificial but is an important aspect of the festival. It is a tradition associated with the celebration of the festival.

The tradition of celebration and decoration has been invented by Martin Luther and few other Lutherian Scholars. In earlier times, fir trees were used for decorative purpose. The tradition of decorating the tree started in Germany during 16th century. The tree was brought home in a traditional war and decorated with lights and candles, garlands, ornaments and many other bright shiny objects. A star or an angel will be placed at the top of the Christmas tree. The idea became most popular in Germany and was soon captured by Britain due to the rivalry between these countries.

Christmas Tree Who Invented the Christmas Tree

In the 19th century, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert posed for an illustration with their family with a Christmas tree. And once the picture was revealed to the public, the custom of decorating the trees spread quickly among the people of Britain as well as U.S and Christmas trees were marketed well during that period.

Indoor Christmas trees with modern decorations are recent development. Neon lights, coloured piece of papers, fabric designs, etc., are added to the natural or artificial tree to make for an attractive Christmas tree.

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