Who Invented Barbie

Barbie is a fashion doll produced in the year 1959. Ruth handler, an American businesswoman designed the Barbie. She got the inspiration from her daughter who preferred adult figured dolls. Most of the dolls at that time were baby dolls. She exhibited her first Barbie in March 9, 1959 at American International Toy Fair. The first Barbie was made in Japan. The fashion dolls were manufactured by the company called Mattel Inc, which was run by Elliot Handler, the better half of Ruth handler. The doll was named after their daughter Barbara.

When exhibited, the womanly figured doll with painted face got mixed reviews. It had been prophesised that the Barbie doll will be a successful product that will stand in the market for more than forty years. Today, even after 40 years this doll has not lost it popularity and generations of mothers and daughters have allowed this doll to be a part of their best childhood memories. The history of toy market not only received a new shape, but also more strength and courage.

Barbie Who Invented Barbie

In the year 1997, Barbie girl song was released by Aqua was a great hit. The interesting fact about the Barbie dolls is that three dolls are sold every second and more than one million Barbie doll collectors are seen worldwide. Among these collectors, more than 45,000 people spend about $1,000 a year in purchasing the dolls and over one billion dolls have been sold in more than 140 countries worldwide.

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