Who Invented the Compass

History of the compass can be traced from the 2nd Century BC and has its origin from China. A study revealed that Omlecs were using compass during 1000BC, but there is no authenticated proof towards the same. It is a difficult task to identify the first inventor of compass. The earliest models of compass were referred to as lodestone.

Compass was mentioned as a tool or device for navigation in the year 1117 by Chinese and the same has been moved to Europe. Chinese traders when travelled to Middle East left their impact of the compass on European countries. But many assumed that the compass was the invention of Europeans. It is a navigational instrument that is designed to determine the direction of magnetic poles of the Earth. It consists of a magnetized pointer that is generally marked in the north end. It was used for safe and secure ocean travel. Compass was patented by Sir Edmund Halley during 1690.

Compass Who Invented the Compass

The modern electromagnetic compass was invented by William Sturgeon in the year 1825. Since his invention, different types of compasses were introduced and his invention leads towards development of modern compass. The invention of compass is yet another triumph. It is ranked as one of the most important device that has been developed by human mind.

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