Who Invented the Bed

A bed is a small or large piece of furniture upon which a person may sleep, relax or rest. In several cultures over many centuries, bed was recognized as the most important piece of furniture in the house to exhibit a different type of status symbol.

Beds were first used by Egyptians and they used it for several purposes, more than a place of sleeping and relaxing. The beds were used as a place to eat, social entertainment, etc.

An adjustable bed, air bed, bassinet bed for new born infants, box bed, brass bed, water bed, bunk bed, loft bed, captain’s bed, camp bed, canopy bed, curtained bed, day bed, futon, four poster bed, hammock, hid away bed, infant bed also referred to as crib or a cot are different varieties of beds. Some more include iron bed, kang bed, manjaa – a traditional Punjabi bed, Murphy bed or wall bed, pallet – a thin weight less bed, roll away bed, rope bed, platform bed, sofa bed, toddler bed, trundle bed and vibrating bed, are more varieties of beds that makes it clear how versatile and diverse its many uses are.

Who Invented the Bed Who Invented the Bed

Folding bed was invented by L. C. Bailey. With the recent developments, beds usually contain a mattress placed on the top of the box with spring base. This spring box extends additional support towards suspension of mattress. William Lawrence Murphy invented the Murphy bed in 1900.

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